Monday, July 9, 2012

What's Up People???

I am normal. I am happy.

Hmmm...that's what I keep telling myself but boy is it true. I have come such a loooooong looooong way since October of last year, when the demise of my marriage was imminent.

The divorce was finalized a month ago and if ever there was a better word to describe me, it is STRONG. FIERCE. AMAZING.

Because I have moved forward with my life and it FEELS GREAT!!!


That was 13.1 miles of sweat and tears. I set a goal in January to keep my mind off the shitty things going on in my life and it sure helped me focus. I did it for the girls. I did it for myself. It was such a relief to meet those goals, they certainly kept me going.

 My girlfriend and I finished a half marathon!

My darling daughters completed a kids triathlon - SO PROUD!

Life is good people and I am finally back!!!