Friday, August 30, 2013

Fearless at Thirty-Five

I have it all...well...sorta. Because who really has it all together? Not this crazy single mom of two happy active normal girls! My life is a roller coaster...but a happy one at that:)

I'm dating one of the greatest guys I've ever met in my life. And surprise surprise he was right under my nose the entire time....delicate subject but we work together and I'm so happy with him. Amazing what a healthy normal relationship is like. I didn't ever have that with my ex husband and wowser...the difference is so remarkable! Its nice being taken care of (emotionally) for once and not have to be the life saver to someone who is needy, selfish and mentally ill. Because that my friends is severely draining.

So it's been a gigantic year for me. One of the milestones was getting healthy. And feeling good. Training for a marathon (coming up). Making sure my kids are ok. Receiving a few major awards at work. Dating. And turning thirty-five.

For this occasion, I wanted nothing more than to kick up my heels, have a shit ton of fun and celebrate with all of my closest friends. Which turned out to be about twenty people, at a country bar, lots of drinks and lots of dancing. It was everything i have ever wanted out of a birthday party and more. I was being selfish for me, wanting to be the center of attention and basically shouting out to the world - look at me! Look how HAPPY I am. Look how AMAZING I look and feel. It's all so good. So very very good. This is my life. Love it.