Wednesday, February 26, 2014


So many accomplishments...where to begin? A little Star Spirit award? Nominated for Employee of the Quarter and up for Employee of the Year? Or how about that 26.2 miles I ran to complete my first Chicago Marathon? Or...spending a lot of time with a certain boy I'm head over heels for?

I. Have. Been. Busy!!! I don't get to blog as much as I want, or even read all of the blogs I used to pore over every night. I think I did that because I was bored and lonely and needed a sense of family out there. In another words when I was still married I was looking for diversions from the daily grind of life and trying to cope with an angry depressed husband and this was my one and only outlet.

I find it amazing after I started to run and date and the deal with work and my children that I stopped looking for diversions and started living. REALLY living. Its been such a great feeling and i feel so blessed for what I have right now. Any I wouldn't change it any other way! I do love Nie Nie and reading about her life, she is such an amazing woman and has been through so much. Always an inspiration to other people.

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