Monday, January 23, 2012

Milley the Kitty

I'm Milley, the sweetest kitty ever!
 We adopted! I am so excited to show off our perfect new kitty. Her name is Milley and she is a sweet little cuddle bug. The girls and I went to the rescue shelter yesterday and she looked at us with her beautiful green eyes and we knew we had to have her:) She is five months old, a calico, and very curious. She is our newest little family member and we love her to pieces. My husband always said he never wanted a cat in the house and since he has moved out, I need somebody to love me and be a companion. It sure gets lonely after a separation. He doesn't have a say anymore, thought, right? A little back handedness? For sure, but a little part of me is being vindictive and I don't give a crap what he thinks. That bus has left a long time ago! After all, she is my new "bed" mate and a damn better snuggler!

To Milley...

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  1. rachel, i was already wondering about where you were :) thank you for the congratulations!