Monday, February 20, 2012

Days Off

 It's not easy being Milley!

 We adore our kitty!

Aliyah (right) and friend Zoe on their playdate

Because it is our mighty Presidents day, the girls have the day off from school. I love these kind of days, which is another day off rolling from the weekend. It's makes it long and I feel like I got a lot done and finally feel rested. Love that feeling!

I like being able to get some work done around the house, snack on everything in site, get caught up on personal projects (wedding invites for a great friend), pay some bills, and catch up on my favorite blog sites which is usually only about once or twice a week. So it's like opening up a much anticipated magazine (Real Simple is my fav, along with Martha Stewart) and reading from cover to end.

The girls had a few play dates today which always makes the day that much more fun. Alex was picked up this morning by a friend and they went to the YMCA to play basketball, swim, and go to her friends house afterward. Aliyah and I also went to the Y to swim with her friends Zoe and Lily. Zoe came to our house afterward, I bought them lunch and after they snuggled on the couch to watch some TV and migrated to the floor to play some games. Now they are tearing up the house, chasing after Milley and I can hear them hooting on the saxophone.

Ahhh, children. They are such a blessing. My life feels so much more complete with my darling daughters and I thank Him everyday for them!!! Except when they are being sassy bad and stealing my fresh, perfect lipstick tubes.......

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